If you're in the market for new Buick or GMC, you may be wondering whether to buy or lease. Now that leasing has become mainstream, many Californians are asking themselves: Is leasing right for me?

We can help you decide whether buying or leasing new car in INDIO, CA - just keep reading, and see which profile fits you better.



Both buying and leasing are viable options for car shoppers in California. But only one option is right for you.

Here's how to know whether you should buy or lease your new Buick or GMC in INDIO, CA.


You want to build equity.
When you buy a new car, you own it. That means it's yours, so you can use it as collateral once you make that final car loan payment. Some shoppers prefer to buy their vehicles outright because it gives them more selling power when they eventually decide to upgrade.

You like to customize.
The car you purchase is yours to do with what you will. If you're into customizing your vehicle with accessories, you'll want to buy rather than lease. With a lease, you cannot add after-market modifications or make repairs as you want them done.

You drive a lot.
Most leases have specific mileage restrictions, so you'll get charged for exceeding your limit. If you do a lot of driving every month, you might not be pleased by the hefty fee facing you at the end of your lease. When you buy outright, though, you can drive as much (and as far) as you want!




You love new tech.
Are you the type to camp outside Best Buy, waiting for the latest iPhone? Then you'll love the ability to drive a brand new Buick or GMC model with the latest technology by leasing it as soon as it hits the market - without handing over thousands of dollars to buy it outright. Plus, since most leases last only a couple years, you can upgrade your vehicle as frequently as you upgrade your phone.

You don't like to wait.
Leasing is a super streamlined process. You know exactly what to expect when you sign the contract - and when it's up, you simply drop the vehicle off at the INDIO, CA car dealership where you bought it! Not only that, leases often come with factory warranties, scheduled maintenance, and other benefits, like free oil changes. Sign us up!

You want low monthly payments.
Who wouldn't, right? With leasing, not only do you typically enjoy lower monthly payments than you would with an auto loan, you also often don't have to pay a down payment at all (or if you do, it's fairly small). In general, leasing is a great option for those who want to drive a higher-priced, better-equipped vehicle for a much lower cost than it's actually worth.